The Contemporary Art Collection/The Firestone Collection of Canadian Art: Collection d’art contemporain / Collection firestone d’art canadien

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Texts by Emily Falvey, Glen A. Bloom, Catherine Sinclair, and Benjamin Gianni

This two-volumes-in-one publication marks two events: the 20th anniversary of the Gallery and the 35th anniversary of the Firestone Collection of Canadian Art entering the public domain under the care of the OAG. “The Contemporary Art Collection” looks at the nature and process of collecting by a public gallery, while “The Firestone Collection of Canadian Art” looks at one of the most important private collection donations to a public gallery in Canada. Bound together in a tumble-book format, these two volumes contrast the private-to-public nature of collecting with the building of a public collection through curatorial processes.


128 pp; hardcover

Col. ill.; 10 x 8 in