Nkweshkdaadiimgak Miinwaa Bakeziibiisan | Confluences and Tributaries | Confluents et affluents : Michael Belmore | A.J. Casson

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Text by Wahsontiio Cross

Published in English, French, and Anishinaabemowin, this catalogue features the work of Michael Belmore and A.J. Casson – two artists from different cultural and generational backgrounds - to bring together the story of the Ontario landscape and the histories which go beyond its beauty. A.J. Casson had a tremendous appreciation for this region, and created a prolific output of work showcasing dramatic depictions of its mountains, lakes and rivers. Correspondingly, the work of contemporary Indigenous artist Michael Belmore responds to these sites as places that bare spiritual and cultural importance to various Anishinaabe peoples. Through his copper sculptures, Belmore underscores that sites captured by Casson are also marked with the experiences, legends, and knowledge of generations of Anishinaabeg.

24 pp; softcover
Col. ill.; 6.5 x 9 inches
Trilingual, in English, French and Anishinaabemowin