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Michael Harrington & Wyn Geleynse: Mannish / Comme un homme

Michael Harrington & Wyn Geleynse: Mannish / Comme un homme


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Text by Petra Halkes

This thematic publication presents the work of Michael Harrington and Wyn Geleynse, two artists who address issues of the performance of masculinity in contemporary Western society. With colour illustrations and text by Petra Halkes, this publication explores Harrington’s painted images of anonymous men in hotel rooms, airports and barrooms, their postures and rituals containing only traces of the traditional ideals of masculinity, as well as Geleynse's film and video installations work that unmasks the male masquerade with gentle humour and unsparing mockery.

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Year of publication: 2009
40 pp; softcover
Col. ill.; 19 x 23 cm
Bilingual, in English and in French

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